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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Accessible Credit Risk Tools for Chinese Executives

T3P LIMITED is pleased to advise that the Chinese language (Mandarin Simplified Characters) version of Global Credit Management - an Executive Summary is available.

The Authors are grateful to have had this opportunity to make such key information accessible to Mandarin literate executives and students. The original English text was adapted prior to translation in order to ensure it would be understood in the reader’s context.

This book is ideal for Chinese business executives of all types; Chief Executives (CEOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Treasurers, Credit Managers, Entrepreneurs starting or running their own businesses, and students of business practice preparing to face the tough challenges of business management.

It has been designed to provide the essential basic information needed to understand payment risk management in a domestic and international setting, with the addition of a practical tool kit covering the essential aspects.

Above all it is easy to read, Dr Jing Zhang commented; "I have enjoyed greatly reading this book as it has presented this complex subject in a very light and lively manner. The authors have summarised the entire world of credit management within an effective length, focusing on the practitioners’ perspective."

Professor Yang commented; "I believe this book should be extremely useful and helpful for Chinese firms and managers to learn about international practices and standards in credit management and improve their competitiveness."

The Hong Kong based magazine Asset Publishing & Research Ltd reported on October 28; “Taiwan and China are the markets that are the least 'credit-friendly' in the region with less than 40% of respondents conducting business-to-business (B2B) sales over credit, a new survey shows.” The result of this research strongly supports the notion that the practical skills and knowledge imparted in this book are urgently needed in China. (

Click here to read the introductory pages, which have been translated into English to enable you to judge the book's value for yourself; the original Chinese text is also included.

The book (ISBN: 978-988-99586-1-9) consists of 250 pages; unfortunately the Paperback version is out of print so only a PDF electronic format is available. To purchase the electronic version (an eBook) click here.


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