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Friday, July 10, 2015

Chameleon in the Room: Embrace Business Risk - Assure Survival & Growth

An innovative new risk book is now available in paperback on, and other Europe based Amazon websites.

It is also available as a Kindle version on all Amazon websites worldwide; including India, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Japan and Canada.

The paperback and pdf versions are available for sale through the eStoreT3P website; payments are processed by PayPal.

The Chameleon in the Room is unusual as it provides tools specifically designed to manage risks that are often ignored by executives; the same risks that have surprised and fatally wounded many giant enterprises, and countless SMEs.

The 108 pages are full of practical strategies and tactics for the management of the risks that injure real businesses. Real businesses are those that produce, trade, consume or distribute physical commodities, machinery, parts and equipment or consumer products and services.

Please click on this link to read the contents pages and a sample extract from the second chapter:

Particularly addressed are the concerns and responsibilities of quoted company Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors and ‘C-Suite’ Executives; as well as Owners and Directors of SME businesses and start-up Entrepreneurs.

Additionally Credit Executives may wish to assess their customers in the light of the 'unexpected and highly consequential' and ‘unimaginable’ risks, and associated management practices illustrated in this book.

In the face of rapid change and globalisation, data driven risk management methods alone are no longer adequate. Therefore this text presents alternative ways to cope with the diabolical array of risks that threaten non-financial businesses; including some seldom written about to date for example:
• Black Swan Events,
• Liquidity Risk,
• External Operational Risk,
• Concentration and Correlation Risk, and
• Lack of Flexibility Risk.

Related reference numbers are: ISBN: 9780957627949 / ASIN: B0118E0T84