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Friday, August 13, 2010

Hedging and Liquidity Risk

A discussion (English-Chinese) in relation to the management of future price risk, was presented in Shanghai, to an invited audience of EMBA/MBA and other Business Executives. The inter-active presentation was followed by an enlightening discussion of Risk Management topics related to dealing with corporate customers and suppliers, commodity traders, banks and brokers.

One Business Executive and MBA Student commented:

‘Hedging and liquidity risk is still rather a new topic to most of businessmen and managers in China, except those working in banking and the other financial institutions. So your lecture will urge those managers, who want to grow their business in a healthier way, to learn more about the risk management tools. Simultaneously, your lecture will also raise awareness of what an important role credibility plays for a company in the market, which I think is even more important in China.’

View the presentation at:

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