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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Capitalism has Spawned Three Classes of Risk Taker

Real Businesses build infrastructure or provide goods and services that enhance the quality of life for people; while providing employment. Their success and often their very survival depends on effective risk management.

Financial Institutions only make money. Their survival and success largely depends on employing other people’s money to make money. While they bear very little risk themselves they allocate most of any profit to themselves; the people whose money they employ bear any losses.

Consultants and Lawyers make a lot of money for themselves by advising others to make decisions (take risks) but take very little risk themselves.

It is Real Businesses that are the builders, the decision makers, the risk takers, the growth makers. Successful Real Businesses benefit societies globally.

Risk is the Context of Life - The Chameleon in the Room
Decision Making is Risk Taking because Outcomes are Unpredictable

The Chameleon in the Room explains risk assessment and management in Real Businesses.

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