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Monday, March 26, 2012

Global Credit eBook in Mandarin Chinese

T3P LIMITED is pleased to announce that an eBook version of the Chinese (Mandarin – simplified characters) language version of Global Credit Management - an Executive Summary is now available to purchase through

The eBook format is a .pdf Adobe Acrobat document of about 4.15mb and the price is £5.18.

The eBook can be downloaded immediately after payment.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment

- How to win in a World of Relentless Change – Gary Hamel

Please log onto and view Gary Hamel’s most excellent video presentation titled:

Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment

If you then want to know more buy the book – What Matters Now – you will not be disappointed by its contents….

Some random quotes that I ‘clipped’ by way of example are:

"….across the world, frontline employees feel marginalised by managers who see them as semi-programmable robots."

"….intrinsic motivation – the drive (to) do something because it is interesting, challenging, and absorbing – is essential for high levels of creativity."

"The old world (management) processes (are) focused on running the business. We (need) new processes that (are) focused on changing the business."

"In a turbulent world, prediction is difficult and long-range planning is of limited value. Management processes that seek to surface the one best strategy through top-down, analytical methods must give way to models based on biological principals of variety (generate lots of options), selection (use low-cost experiments to rapidly test critical assumptions), and retention (double down on the ideas that are gaining the most traction in the marketplace)."

At least enjoy the video it is only 16 minutes 43 seconds in length